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Unleavened Bread Cafe 3003 N. Central Ave.

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This little place sells their food for the greater good of their ministry. They are very upfront about that. They have the cafe to spread the word and to make the money for their works.

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They are open from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM for breakfast and lunch only. You won’t find any sauce reductions here and their idea of local sourcing is whatever the neighborhood grocery sells. But what they offer is well made and reasonably priced. And don’t expect any urban chic or otherwise trendy decor.

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We were on the road today before 10:30 so naturally our thoughts turned to breakfast. This cafe has been on our radar for some time, but we were never able to catch it open before today. As you can see their breakfast menu is very straightforward.

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We split a full order of biscuits and gravy, for $4.50.

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My eyes were bigger than Pat’s. I chose pancakes over French toast and added potatoes and a sausage patty to the bacon.

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Well their bread may be unleavened but you can’t say the same for the biscuits and pancakes. The pancakes I had were nearly one inch high. Now that is fluffy. The same goes for the biscuits. The gravy was loaded with sausage and quite good. It was the sort of biscuits and gravy you could eat with regularity and enjoy every time.

I thought the hash brown was the weakest link of all the food. You can buy shredded patties like that in the meat case of several grocery stores. That was hardly a deal breaker though.

So if you’re in the area and are hungry you know where to go. I think if you ask them nice they may be able to add some blueberries to those fluffy pancakes. There is room, and you know you want to.

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I Found My Thrill…..

What do Richie Cunningham, Fats Domino,and diners have in common? Give up? Well, it’s Blueberry Hill Pancake House on E. Washington St. you get it , don’t you? That classic Fats Domino tune that Richie from Happy Days was always singing and…… never mind.It’s located at Franklin Road and Washington street in a freestanding building that formerly housed a Perkins pancake house., Their menu is colossal; offering specialty pancakes, Belgian waffles, Freedom toast as well, as every lunch or dinner item you could possibly expect at a good diner.In a lot of ways it reminds me of Flap Jacks on South Madison Avenue; in that they are owned and operated by  Greek families and they offer big portions, good prices, and unapologetic patriotism.Pat and I both decided we could use breakfast at lunch time.I ordered two eggs over easy, corned beef hash, grits in place of potatoes and substituted pancakes for toast all for $8. Pat made potato pancakes the center of his lunch and added bacon, one scrambled egg and one piece of whole wheat toast for the supporting cast and at a cost of under $6.That may sound like a lot of food, probably because it is. When our server brought out all the plates they covered the entire end of the table.My corned beef  hash was excellent, crispy, crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside just the way it should be.And it was great mixed in with the yolk of my eggs.The grits were served in a soup bowl and tasted just like the first time I had them as a teenager in Alabama.In place of the toast I got 2 huge fluffy pancakes that Pat was more than willing to help me with.As far as the potato pancakes were concerned I guess they were okay, I never got a chance to taste them.I do recall him mumbling something about how tasty they were.As for the rest of his food I guess it was okay,the bacon was thick, lean and crisp and since he ordered his one egg scrambled hard,how can you tell if it was messed up.We probably should go back again to try one of their skillets,or a sandwich or a dinner entrée or maybe a fruit filled crepe.Oh, when you go there look for a sign showing the stuff they offer that is not on the menu.Jim,the friend that suggested this place says that is where he discovered their filet skillet,slices of steak sautéed with peppers and onions.That is what he gets every time he goes.Also if you can do it save room for dessert,they have A LOT of home-made pies and cakes for $2.50.Those you can’t miss.They are in the display counter at the cashier station.Sly little devils.Blueberry Hill Pancake House on Urbanspoon

SoBro Cafe-Update

05 – Bungle In The Jungle (2001 Digital Remaster) There’s a new place in broad’s the SoBro Cafe, it’s on 52nd St. just around the corner from the Red Key. There were three of us this time when we went, Pat’s, wife Fran joined us.It’s a cute little place, cozy not all pretentious considering it’s locale.Their big deal are pancakes, both savory and sweet. I think it’s a Dutch thing.Fran tried one of their pancakes, I think it was called the Popeye, full of spinach peppers and onions and I can’t remember what else. She thought it was pretty good however she would’ve preferred the peppers and onions to be sautéed. She did try the soup of the day, bean soup; and declared it the best she had ever eaten, that includes her own. Patrick had his usual grilled cheese, pretty exciting. They have a house soup which is a Thai coconut, the broth was delicious. The stuff inside I thought was superfluous. Tiny diced chicken, mushrooms and corn kernels just seems unnecessary. I also think toast fingers would have better suited the soup then fried wonton. I also had a salad, they offered it with chicken, steak or tempeh. I chose tempeh and it was nicely done. The only thing I can add to their salad prep is possibly refreshing the salad mix with cold water and draining it for service; and change your carrots to shredded.They make all their own dressings, I used tahini lemon; it too is pretty tasty however I think adding some lemon zest to the dressing would increase the lemon flavor.Their chef definitely has skill when it comes to vegetarian cooking. Oh I almost forgot one of the most important parts they sell Sun King for four bucks! ***A few weeks back I made a solo trip back to Sobro.I tried Chai for the first time.I have no idea what it is” supposed ” to taste like; but WOW it was like a festival in my mouth.Sweet,then cardamon then cinnamon with a final hit of clove.Very cool.I also ate their Good Burger.I am hardly an expert on veggie fare but this was a GOOD BURGER no matter what was in it.From the mixed greens to the Roma tomatoes to the buttery avocado I think it matches up with any burger around; animal or vegetable.Also the home-made ketchup is great to dip your Lays chips in.I down loaded the pictures right after my visit;tardy me just now got around to write about it.If you haven’t been there why?Oh,back to the Chai.I hear it’s the owner’s own special blend.

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Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles

If I had to choose one word to describe Maxine’s when I first walked in, it would be professional. The place was extremely busy and yet everyone appeared to be moving efficiently and professionally. We didn’t want to wait for the fried chicken; because they do it right, they cook it to order and it was going to take 35 min. So Pat opted for a blueberry pancakes breakfast, and I picked salmon cakes and greens.before all that we decided to share some fried green tomatoes. They were excellent, the sauce they served with them was slightly reminiscent of big boy sauce. They also give you complementary corn cakes and home-made peach butter. The corn cakes were pretty good but the peach butter was first-rate . The pancakes are for real, homemade with real blueberries. The salmon cakes were definitely old school, thick and crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. I would not have minded if the potatoes had been fried crisper, but what is not to like about fried potatoes. Oh, I almost forgot about the greens they were probably the best I have had in town, to date. Be forewarned they are spicier than what you would usually expect. All in all this is a place worth going to and worth going back to.When you do go make sure you give yourself enough time to try the fried chicken, I know I will.Maxine's Chicken and Waffles on Urbanspoon