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Hellas Cafe 8501 Westfield Blvd.

We weren’t sure where we were going to eat this week. I thought of an Asian Grill that was scheduled to open in Broad Ripple. We drove by but they weren’t ready yet so we headed north. When we hit Nora we saw Hellas and decided we needed some Greek food.

I had a desire for Mousaka. A creamy macaroni dish just appealed to me. Their version was very good. The Sauce Bechamel was smooth and creamy and decadently rich. The sides were well executed s well The beans were cooked down Hoosier style and the potatoes were crisp and tender. All in all it was an excellent meal.

Both of our lunches came with salads; which I forgot to take pictures of. They were normal side salads and came with an excellent vinaigrette. Both cost $12.49 so I thought they were reasonable considering what you got. Our server was attentive but the overall service made me nervous. There was one server and one cook and the kitchen was building the salads to order. That really struck me as odd. The cook got behind quickly but she managed it well and never really ended in the weeds. Evidently their customers aren’t in a hurry to get back to work so if you want a warm and leisurely Greek meal consider Nora Plaza and Hellas. I don’t get this way often but if I do I want to try their Dolmades. They build theirs with ground meat which is my preference.

Greek Islands.

On South Meridian Street, in the shadow of Lucas Stadium sits The Greek Islands. A bright blue building that has a rep for serving great Greek grub. Today we had a guest. A young man named Isaiah. He’s never had Greek food before and since their Devour Downtown special was 2 special lunches for $30 it worked out great.

Pat ordered Saganaki as an appetizer; $7.50. I tried to get a shot of the flaming cheese but I wasn’t fast enough. As a matter of fact they served 6 or 8 orders while we were there and I never could get my camera up fast enough. Pat’s shot did catch the sizzle though.

Greek Islands 006

Greek Islands 015

Greek Islands 014

Saganaki or Hummus

2 Avgolemono OR Fasolada Bean Soup

Combination Platter for 2 includes:
Pasticchio, Moussaka, Gyros, Rice Pilaf, Green Beans Olympian, 2 Mama Fofo’s famous Potatoes, 2 Tiropitas and Pita Bread


Baklava, Rice Pudding OR Galactobouriko 

This is the Devour Downtown two for $30 lunch special. Perfect for someone who has never had Greek food before.

Greek Islands 004We opted for hummus. There was quite a bit more pita bread in the beginning; but we started eating before the picture. I thought the hummus was excellent. Creamy and full of garlic flavor. Some of the best I’ve had.

The place was super busy when we arrived, we had a wait for a table. I don’t think that has ever happened before. As a result the service was a little sluggish. Sometimes, somethings can not be helped. As a result the house substituted a salad for the soups.

Greek Islands 008

The salad was ho-hum. The dressing was good and they used white onion, which I prefer over the typical red.

When the entrée arrived it was a huge platter of food.

Greek Islands 010

The veggies were passable, not great, not bad. Green beans with tomatoes, and rice. I enjoy rice as a component of a dish but as a general rule rice doesn’t stand on its own too well. Mama Fofo’s potatoes were pretty good. Oven crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The Pistachio was pretty good ,a little on the mild side but the bechamel topping was fantastic. Light and fluffy, yet slightly firm like a fine custard, or pudding. The gyro meat had a nice seasoning and texture. But the king of the gyro set was the tzatziki. Rich and thick with a great taste of garlic and cucumber. The tiropita had a nice tasting filling but it was a wee bit dry. I think that may be a holding problem as much as anything.

Greek Islands 016

Greek Islands 001

The only bad thing I can say about this joint was the baklava. We shared one piece and it was pretty bad. Hard and dry. All the honey had soaked through and bottomed out. Turning into a hard candy shell. But it was hardly a deal breaker to me. It is still worth a visit.

906 S Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46225

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