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The Tap 306 Mass. Ave.

The Tap 004

Well one more brewery has come to town. Actually this one isn’t brand new. It originated in Bloomington where it still does a brisk business they just thought they would follow some of the grads to Indianapolis. Be careful with the address. The place is right on the corner of New York and Delaware in the new Pulliam Square project. Where the Indianapolis Star and News building used to be. How they managed to get Mass. Ave out of this I have no idea. This Pulliam Square is a rather swank affair and The Tap blends in well.

The Tap 005

It is a large venue with 2 rooms and 2 bars. Above the main bar is a stage for a DJ and a pull down screen with a rear projector for sports. After all the Big Ten football tourney will be coming to town in December. In the above picture the forlorn Santa looking fellow is Pat,and behind him is the row of beer taps. Seventy of them. It doesn’t seem too long ago that a joint having 6 drafts on-line was a big deal. Progress.

Their menu is the new typical for a brewery/bar. The Zomato link has a path to their website showing both food and beer menus. They offer pizza which uses a pre-made dough that comes in frozen and they stretch it to shape. Pizza is always a great choice with beer.

The Tap 006

The Tap 001

The Tap 008

I was drawn to the Ahi salad. A seared to rare sashimi grade Tuna on a salad bed. The bed is a coleslaw, sans dressing, topped with chopped romaine and cheese. In place of croutons they used crisp noodles. The kind that come in a bag that you serve over some Chinese dishes. Frankly I like them,they give a nice crunch without adding a big flavor. The tuna was expertly prepared. Rare and melt in your mouth tender with a great little punch from the Teriyaki glaze used. The salad part was so-so. I have had better salad mixes before. The shaved Parmesan would have been a nice touch had there been enough to have noticed. It was almost as if it was added as an after thought. One very nice part of the assembly was the half-dozen grape tomatoes on it. You don’t usually see that many. The dressing they served is a cucumber wasabi creation. I don’t know if they make it in-house or buy it ready-made but it was very good. I think you could take some fallen leaves from your back yard and add this stuff and it would be delicious.

The Tap 010

So, overall I really enjoyed my salad, and like Pat. I would order it again. After the pizza;and burger. Another thing I like about this joint is that the windows let in a bunch of natural light so taking pictures is great. Also you can access their WiFi almost without trying. Parking;while hardly good;is better than a lot of places downtown. Of course the Pulliam Project is on going. There is a huge hole at the corner of New York and Penn. Still;I think it is worth a trip.
The Tap Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pearl Street Pizza Pub 65 E. Pearl Street

pearl street 014

I don’t usually go out at night. Especially on Saturday night. However I decided to make an exception this Saturday night. I had plans to meet some friends at a new joint on Mass. Ave. I really wanted to check this particular joint out.

When I go downtown I always take a bus;or a cab. Parking is insane, and expensive. Bus fare is cheap and even cab fare is reasonable compared to driving. However I had no idea that there were two events going on at the Stadium and the Arena. So long story short I decided to head to Pearl Street. Pat and I have been there before, before the blog and we had talked about going back. Well I just jumped the gun.

I know from earlier experience they can make a good pie. I ordered an 8 inch deep dish pizza. The basic price is $8.75. For meat it is an extra $ 1.50 and $1.00 for veggies. That makes a sausage and mushroom deep dish pizza pie $11.25. I think that is pretty expensive. Another reason I prefer lunch. They do offer a cup of soup or a salad for an extra $1.99 with a pizza.

The soup they had for the day was a spicy chicken with gorgonzola.

pearl street 013

A smooth soup with a bit of a bite and a touch of bleu cheese funk from the Gorgonzola. I found it to be a very good soup. What I enjoyed most about it was the bleu cheese component was added as a garnish so the taste wasn’t changed by heat.

pearl street 016

Now the pie. I thought it was delicious. The dough was fluffy and bread like around the edges. With a nice buttery top

crunch and the bottom with the all the good stuff in it was nice and crisp. I think every part was great. From the sauce to the sausage and mushrooms I thought it was a fine piece of work.

pearl street 015

I think this place is a wonderful choice for a pizza and beer. Right smack dab in the middle of the down town loop. It sits on Pearl Street. That is the alley that runs from Meridian Street to Penn. on the North side of the Century Building. In that area called the Wholesale District. So if your are in the area and have a hankering for a pie and beer this is as good as you will find.


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The Willard Restaurant – 99 N. Main St. Franklin Indiana


willard 434

willard 435

Thursday was the first day of spring. Of course the silly Indiana weather wasn’t co-operating, there was still a little arctic in the wind. However the sun was out and the sky was blue so we decided on a road trip. Franklin is a small town south of Indianapolis. I have been through there a few times but never really looked around too much. So I was in for surprise. It is really a lovely town, full of old houses and friendly people. A down right charming place of Victorian architecture and mom & pop businesses. It’s also home to Franklin College. Maybe I’ve seen too many Andy Griffin episodes,but I think I could really enjoy living here.

Well back to Willard’s. This joint has quite the history. It was a hotel at one time. I am including a link to their website so you can peruse the history as well as the menu. Pat and Fran went there a few weeks ago and Pat was impressed with their fish sandwich. He was also seduced by the pizza that he observed going by his table. That’s why we went. Pat for the pizza and me for the fish.

As an appetizer we ordered a basket of breaded and fried pepper jack cheese cubes with Ranch dressing. They were really pretty tasty. Melted spicy cheese with a light breaded coating. What’s not to like. Of course we ate about 2/3 of the basket before we remembered to take a picture. It was indeed a healthy portion for $3.95.

willard 441

Like a lot of taverns they offer quite a bit of fried food. I had my mouth set on an oyster platter. But our server told me they didn’t bread the oysters in house . So I opted for the fish and fries. Two 4 oz. cod loins, fries and hush puppies for $6.95. The fish was very good. Since they used cod loin, by nature a dense and rather thick hunk of flesh the batter was necessarily thicker than that which you would find on a fillet. So the result was a tasty and tender fish and a coating that stayed crunchy, even though my fish cooled because we were busy conversing with a local couple next to us.  She used to work in Indy and he is a Franklin Firefighter. Small town friendly. Back to the food. The hush puppies were great. Standard IQF fare but it has been a while for me. They served 2 (two) pups. Why not three (3)? I’ve only found 2 places that offer hush puppies and they both give up two. They probably cost six or seven cents so I don’t get the rationing.

willard 442

willard 443

Pat got his pizza, but sometimes anticipation is the best part of a meal.

willard pie

willard 445

If you read Urbanspoon you will see that the only negative feedback for this joint is slow service. The afternoon we went their business was rather robust and I can see trying to get in and out quickly could be problematic. I think any flaw in service is a result of the layout of the place. The dining area is a bunch of small rooms around a central bar. The bar itself is somewhat of a bottle neck. The primary access way is only wide enough for one person to walk down when patrons are sitting at the bar. That in itself can be an issue while you’re trying to wait tables. Personally I don’t see that as a deal breaker. I think Willard is definitely worth the trip. You can even reserve one of the rooms for a kids pizza party. One was going on when we got there. So that’s something to keep in mind.

willard 446

willard 450

willard 448

willard 447Willard Restaurant on Urbanspoon

willard 438

willard 437


Some Guys Pizza 6235 Allisonville Road

This was my first visit to Some Guys Pizza. Since Thursday was so cold I figured that was as good an excuse as any to try a new pizza joint. Some Guys has been around for about 20 years and has a very good reputation. They have 2 locations the other in Carmel. The place isn’t very large but it is nicely appointed and well maintained.

some guys pizza 001

They offer really good lunch specials for $7.95 and all their sandwiches are $7.50 and $7.75. Pat ordered a Stromboli, 86 peppers and onions.

some guys pizza 005

They shape the sausage into a patty. Big enough to over flow the roll.

some guys pizza 009

I wanted a lunch special. A 2 topping 8 inch pie with a salad for $7.95. The salad was a good size but was chopped quite a bit and too much dressing. Which appeared to be straight Basalmic Vinegar. But the Gorgonzola cheese saved the day.

some guys pizza 004

I ordered my default personal pizza. Anchovy and black olives. Some Guys sheet their pie crust. I am more a hand tossed guy my self, but this was excellent. Perfectly baked and wonderfully crisp. They also were very generous in their toppings. A lot of joints seem to ration anchovies. But not These Guys. It definitely hit the spot.

Now; isn't this a beautiful pizza pie.

Now; isn’t this a beautiful pizza pie.

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Three Wise Men ( Revisit- Father’s Day Edition )

Today is Father‘s Day. Four days earlier was my 63rd Birthday. My first-born son called me and told me he and my grand-daughters wanted to celebrate both days with a Pizza Meal. We decided to go to the aforementioned 3 Wise Men in Broad Ripple. Since the last time I was there they have changed their menu. They have added more calzones and sandwiches. For their sandwiches they use their own bread; made from their pizza dough with Smoking Goose meat. This post to me, is about food, as a family event. I am sure I forgot to take pictures of some of the stuff we ordered. No matter. I know the girls ordered a garlic bread app. I forgot to snap a shot.

fathers day 007

This is a picture of my son and two of my grand daughters. Natalie; the 10 year old on the left split a calzone with her dad.

fathers day 009

She was adamant about substituting red peppers for green. She then proceeded to remove them from the calzone. She evidently only likes raw red peppers.

Jill. I am sorry. I caught you eating popcorn. But Ava sure looks cute.

Jill. I am sorry. I caught you eating popcorn. But Ava sure looks cute.

Naturally one large pie had to be involved. Half pepperoni and half sweet sausage. The crust is almost cracker thin.

fathers day 011

I opted for a Smoking Goose sandwich. Mortadella, capacola and pepperoni smeared with a roasted red pepper spread and topped with swiss cheese. Smoking Goose Meatery is the local shop that makes all sorts of meat products.

fathers day 012For desert the ladies ordered an elephant ear ( a Indiana State Fair tradition ) and an individual German Chocolate cake.

fathers day 015

This was too big to finish. Carry out box please?

fathers day 014

This is the plate that the cake was served on. You gotta’ be quick with a camera when chocolate cake is involved.

So to all June Geminis: Happy Birthday. And to all Daddies: Happy Fathers Day.Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon

The Sinking Ship

I am sure that anyone under the age of 30 who lives anywhere in the vicinity of 49th St. and College Avenue has been to the Sinking ship. After all, I’m told that it is a joint for hipsters. I’m not sure what that means. All I know is that it’s a big bar, a clean bar with really good beer and really good prices. It also has a very unique menu for a tavern. It offers several vegan options. That includes but is not limited to, soy chorizo and soy cheese. They even offer seitan wings. Seitan is also called “wheat meat“. It is created by some mystical process where wheat is reduced to gluten, leaving protein rich, “meat like” product. I have been wanting to try it for quite a while. However it reminds me too much of the movie Solyent Green. But someday, someday.
Pat and I have been there several times for beer. They don’t start serving lunch until noon and, we like to get started around 11-ish. You know old dudes. Last week I made a solo trip to break the ice. So to speak.I didn’t order off the menu. I tried their special. Which was a chili dog with fries for $7.50. The dog was a good all beef wiener but was only a quarter pounder. They make their own chili and it worked great as a Coney sauce. I will have to try it by itself to see how it works as straight up chili.

When Pat and I went back together I knew exactly what I would order. They offer smoked pork in two different forms. One as a barbecue sandwich; the other as a Cuban sandwich. That is a combo of pork, ham, cheese, dill pickle and mustard. Pressed in a hoagie roll. And they actually smoke their pig in a smoker, outback behind the kitchen. You could actually taste the smoke, faint but definitely there. The ham was decent Deli style, and worked really well with the cheese and everything else. A compact package of good food in a  Gonnella roll. The fries I had were decidedly different from the ones that came with my hotdog. I asked Bartender Ben and he told me that they had indeed changed. They were now making their own french fries. Well, I think Bartender Ben was pulling my leg a little bit. But that’s okay. He did an outstanding job anticipating our refills.

sinking ship-moe-johnnies 013

As I’ve mentioned before Pat is a traveling puzzlement as to what he’s going to eat at any given time. As if to illustrate the point, he ordered fried tofu with peanut sauce and a slice of pepperoni pizza. Pizza was their three dollar lunch special.He enjoy the pizza,telling me he thought the crust was home-made. The only reason I’m writing this much is that Patrick’s review is a little more esoteric than normal. Nicely done just a little, well, esoteric.


sinking ship-moe-johnnies 010 Sinking Ship on Urbanspoon

Rule Britannia ( Union Jack Pub in Broad Ripple)

Union Jack Pub on Urbanspoon
Meet Matt, bartender/ server at Union Jacks in Broad Ripple. Also may I introduce the bar at Union Jacks; a well-known and established tavern on Broad Ripple Avenue. It is styled after a British pub. Complete with dark wood and big pints and mugs of beer. One of the great things about this place is the “open-air” seating in the bar dining room. Along the outside wall they have seating at a bar  with a mini garage door and windows. On nice days the door can be opened and it is like sitting outside on the sidewalk. Only better. You don’t need to worry about rain or pesky birds. It also gives you a chance to chat with passers-by. Who will either smile and talk back or hurry off; scared by two old louts in a bar. Most people were sociable and we did have a fun time.

Pat's back

Pat’s back

A new friend

A new friend

What is interesting about this joint is although it is an English pub when it comes to food they are really noted for their Italian beef sandwiches and deep dish pizza. Patrick lived in Chicago several years after college so he has a “thing” for Italian beef. And as I think you can see it brought the artiste’ out in him.



I was craving pizza, especially when I discovered they had a 7 inch personal, deep dish with two toppings for $7.50. Admittedly, I’m a pizza junkie and I’ve tried deep dish in a lot of different places in this country.  I must say they have one of the best I’ve tried. A nice rich sauce thick chunks of sausage and tender yet flaky crust. For some reason some people think deep dish means thick crust. They end up with something closer to a hollowed out bread bowl with stuff in it than a pie.

While we were eating our Italian food. We were drinking a Scottish ale Floyd’s Cutter. That is, the Floyd Cutter that Pat referenced in his review. This was the first time I have tried it. It was excellent.

While we were finishing lunch a young couple came in. Since we were, for the most part, hogging the best seats in the house we moved down to give them room to join us. It seems the gentleman was from England and his wife was American. And he had just been naturalized as an American citizen. So naturally we had to have a pint to celebrate such a momentous occasion. As I said we had a great time.

Rut. new citizen

Rut. new citizen

Lisa Rut's wife

Lisa Rut’s wife

Sitting in an English style pub. Eating Italian food and drinking Scottish ale. In Indianapolis Indiana. What do you say to that Knicks?

Jockamo Fee Na’ Ne’….

PIZZA….. I just love pizza. This week Pat and I decided we needed to try Jockamo‘s Pizza. They have at least two locations. One on Washington Street in Irvington and one in Greenwood. We decided on the one in Greenwood because that fit in to our beer drinking plans for later. This location is huge. Nicely appointed and decorated and they even have a cute little beer and wine bar nestled in the back corner. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by a hostess and what apparently is their monkey mascot.

202-001When you first see the little fella you can help but grin. After all, who doesn’t like monkeys. But after editing the picture , the sucker could be a mite scary. But monkeys are all cute even the scary ones. They have a full menu. Big salads, little salads, sandwiches and daily lunch specials. Which are five dollars for a slice of pizza of the day, a small salad and a soft drink. That seems like a bargain. But Pat and I wanted PIZZA. They offer a 10 inch pie for $6.85. They also have an extensive list of toppings. From the traditional to the not so traditional. Such as chorizo sausage from Smokin’ Goose Meatery to Cajun sausage from a joint in New Orleans. In addition to the common cheese offerings they also have less common. Feta,smoked Gouda and Gorgonzola. Now I like all forms of blue cheese, but I don’t dig melted bleu cheese; it has a metallic aftertaste to me. The verdict was unanimous. They offer a fine ass pizza pie. The crust is thin and slightly crispy and the sauce is slightly chunky, which gives it more mouth appeal. The toppings are nicely portioned and the pricing is more than fair. Two 10 inch pies with two toppings each totaled less than $18. Now what do you need a chain for when you can get a pizza like this at a mom and pops? And as you can see their pies are quite photogenic.



203Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza on Urbanspoon

Benny and Pat’s Excellent Adventure.

Southeast of Indianapolis is Wanamaker.It’s a community,founded in 1836, that has the charm and appeal of a small town. That is where we decided to have our Grand Adventure. First stop was Wanamaker Guns. It’s a small shop in a mini strip mall. They have a great inventory of old guns. Black powder long guns, old Springfield rifles and hand guns;and a  plethora of military related models. They also have a nice supply of accessories. As a matter of fact I got a sweet deal on an Uncle Mikes holster; 6 bucks less than current list price. The reason we stopped there first was that it was on the way to Xtraordinary006012009 Pizza. The first thing I noticed about the place was the tableau right next door. It was a little wooden shack covered with old metal signs complete with a gas pump and an old tow truck. It even had its own intersection, with street signs and a Dog ‘N’ Suds drive in sign. My pictures of the little scene don’t even come close to doing it justice. Inside it looked the way a small town Pizza shop should look. Tables and chairs and signs celebrating the local High School,no fancy or fictitious ambiance,just utilitarian function. You ordered at a counter,open to the kitchen,sat down and the cook ( one of the owners ) brought it to you when ready. The pie you get is what you would expect from such a no frill joint. A big tasty no nonsense proletarian pie loaded with toppings. We ordered a 10 inch sausage and mushroom,and the amount of each was almost embarrassing. The crust was thin and crispy, but not brittle. It had a texture more reminiscent of a thin shortbread. Crisp to the tooth,yet sturdy enough to handle the load. It is definitely a pie I would like again. Our 10 inch gave us 8 big slices,so big we couldn’t eat it all. And how much was it? You ask. About 15 bucks,with 2 sodas. After lunch we headed down the street to Brewskies,for ,well some brews. Again the feeling of small town friendly. It may sound trite, but we felt right at home as soon as we walked in. A lot of the reason for that was everyone in the joint ,help included, was closer to our age than most places in the city. AND, for 4 draft beers ( one Killian and three Silver Bullets ) the bill was $9. I can’t remember the last time I ran into so many truly nice people; people who didn’t owe me money. So a tip of the proverbial hat to Wanamaker Indiana. We’ll be back.Xtrodinary Pizza on Urbanspoon

Way South of Chicago

I’m sure most foodies in Indy have heard of  South of Chicago in Fountain Square. That’s the place that serves Chicago style pizza and Italian beef sandwiches;sandwiches so authentic you can smell the lake with every bite. Well I don’t know about the lake part but ,yes Ma, the beef IS as good as everyone says it is. Pat has been there numerous times,but I had to wait until I had bone fide functional teeth before I could give it a try. Naturally we both had beef sandwiches with cheese. I took mine with hot peppers Pat without. The sandwich is huge. It probably weighs close to 2 pounds. It is most definitely not a hand-held sandwich. At least not until you eat some of the meat out first. The au jus is also the real thing,juice from the roasting meat;not just some beef base and water. That leads us to the proper way to order. You can get it wet; that’s when the bun is lightly wetted with the jus or dipped; the whole thing is submerged in the au jus. I think there is a third option;but I can’t remember what it is. Nor can I recall what else they serve beside the beef or a beef and sausage combo. Oh and pizza. What sort of  Chicago style joint would it be without pizza. The pizza might be great but on this day cow was king. A big Gonnella hoagie roll stuffed with tender,slow roasted beef just dripping with beefy goodness. And how much does such a tasty treat cost;you ask. Why 8 bucks. That’s right eight dollars. And it comes with a pack of chips,and it is big enough for two cheap people to share. It is times like this that makes you proud to be an America.South of Chicago Pizza & Beef on Urbanspoon

Datsa Pizza

Pizza-glorious Pizza, that ubiquitous American treat available everywhere in the USA.I tried Datsa Pizza with my eldest son quite some time ago and fell in love at first bite.This was before I started This Ain’t no Bistro;but I did post a very lauditory review on Yelp.However I am admittedly a Pizza junkie;but I think my pallet is mature enough to differentiate the quality of various pies.Now Pat,on the other hand is a Pizza epicure;a connoisseur if you will;he is very particular.That’s probably why it took me so long to get him to try it.

Guess what?Pat liked it as much as I did.He declared only one pie better;in his opinion;that being some joint in Homecroft. I believe it is some joint that was a quasi hang out when we were in highschool.

You see they make their own dough which is a great first step.I know a lot of pizzerias make their own crusts but not all brush them with garlic butter.And not all end up with the same result.A beautiful brown with a crisp exterior and soft interior.It is quite literally a hand tossed beauty.I’m sure they don’t make their own sauce but it is one of the better canned sauces I’ve tried;rich and tomato sweet.The sausage they use isn’t from Smoking Goose but it’s very good,both the sweet and the spicy.Pat would have prefered a finer grind but I enjoy either one.You won’t see duck confit or smoked salmon on the menu but you will find anchovies and all the usual suspects that most people want.The coolest thing is at lunch you can get an individual pizza for $4.75 and additional toppings are 50 cents and 75 cents.Pat and I had a small garlic bread and 2 individuals pies with 2 toppings each and spent $16.We drank water;we almost always drink water when we eat;in order to save room for beer.Speaking of which, Datsa does sell beer,$ 2.75 for domestic bottles and I think $ 3.25 for imports.However in this case we decided to “wet our whistles” at The Living Room Lounge;conveniently located across the street.No matter if you drink beer;H2O or Cola if you like Pizza you really ought to give Datsa a try.

Oh we did it again;or I should say I did it again;forgot to take pictures before we started eating-OOPS.Datsa Pizza on Urbanspoon

A Coal in my stocking.

Our usual lunch on Thursday didn’t happen this week. I was fighting a cold and thought it best not to go out. However the prior Monday I had errands to run and ended up at Coal Pizza for lunch. I wanted to try the sandwich the previous bartender had recommended. They call it a grinder, and it sounded similar to the sandwich I had at Taste; at 52nd and College.It was an assortment of imported Italian meats with provolone cheese and olive salad; all on a square of focaccia. The presentation was “interesting” to say the least. All the meats were finger rolled, placed on the focaccia topped with cheese and olive salad then cut on the bias.I thought the finger rolling was totally unnecessary; unless you work for Kroger assembling holiday platters. The flavor was spot on. The combination of meats with the provolone cheese and the slightly spicy olive mixture was first-rate. The weak link was the focaccia.All the focaccia I’ve had before had the texture and density of bread, not day-old cornbread. The appetizer we had the previous week had the density and texture more shortbread than anything else. Frankly I didn’t pay too much attention to it, I just took it to be an anomaly; a little goof in a newly opened joint. However one week later, one week older the bread was way too crumbly for a sandwich,regardless of how tasty the fillings were. I haven’t given up on the place; I’m just a sucker for a pizza place. Especially one with the coal-burning oven.Coal Pizza Company on Urbanspoon

Super Bowl XLVI downtown lunch

We decided to brave the crowd and have lunch on the Circle. Six or eight food trucks were parked around the Monument. We decided to have lunch at Duos (Fran’s favorite), naturally I forgot to take any pictures of the truck, food or staff.We both decided on the same sandwich,a mild chile rubbed pork,roasted and was served on a very nice locally made Ciabata roll and topped with arugula and fennel. During the course of the dry rub marination and roasting a slight “juice” was produced that   quite nicely seeped into the roll.Patrick thought it was a perfect amount I thought it could have used more jus, different folks, different strokes.However we both agreed on one thing the arugula was slightly bland and we could barely taste the fennel. We intend to go back because we both thought it was a first-rate sandwich.I especially liked they used a dry rub and didn’t rely on heavy sauce. Besides they have a roasted pepper and basil sandwich that Fran says is excellent. I also need to get some pictures. Duos is all over the place, we just have to find one of their locations.

For our obligatory beers we went to a new place Coal Pizza Company on East Washington.Pat and Fran ate there shortly after they opened up, and had not made up their mind on the food yet. But they both thought the staff was great and the venue was cool. So we went there for some beers and an appetizer.They serve nothing but local brews, Sun King being the favorite. We had a few beers and a rosemary focaccia with garlic dipping sauce. The focaccia was quite nice, could’ve been a wee bit warmer and I would’ve liked more olive oil in my dip. Just my personal preference. We decided to try more of their menu next week for lunch. The bartender a delightful young lady that I neglected to introduce myself to convinced me to try their hoagie style sandwich. I couldn’t locate a website with the menu but I did locate some reviews on yelp. One fellow who was at the “soft opening” gave it four stars. He tried some of that garlic dipping sauce for his pizza and thought it needed less oil. As I said before different strokes. Another young lady who has a blog the name of which I cannot remember, but I believe her last name was Beers,she is supposed to be a local celebrity. I never heard of her but that doesn’t mean anything. Her main bag is exploring new nightspots,and my nights are spent at home. She too was an invitee to the soft opening. She opined that the pizza was the best she had ever eaten. But the thing about soft openings with invitation-only the food is free, and the drinks. There was only three other blogs on yelp and they each gave up two stars. I wrote all this so everyone would know I’m not just a pretty face. I do my homework. And this blog and all the reviews mean less than nothing to me.I make up my own mind and so does Pat. Right now I like the place, just after a few beers and an app. Hell if I gave stars their wood-burning oven would be worth two. But I’ll find out more next week, over lunch. But by no means don’t wait on us. Give it a try yourself.

sure not the end of the line

Well like I said last week we went back to the public house for eats. We were not at all disappointed.We started off with a lamb chop appetizer. They brought out four delightful little chops nestled on a mound of delicious Asian inspired slaw. The slaw was quite good, nicely cut and tossed in a delicious slightly sweet vinegar dressing. They also served a nice sweet chili dipping sauce. But for us it wasn’t necessary. The chops were so moist and tender they nearly jumped off the bone into your mouth. But the dipping sauce didn’t go to waste, just think of it as a sweet chili shooter.

For our main course Patrick got their four cheese pizza, smoked Gouda being the selling point. I was torn between the brisket sandwich and the bison. I decided I had to try the bison, not because I haven’t had bison before but because they said it was dredged in Porter beer. And that made me curious.Even though I was pretty sure the Porter wouldn’t impart a whole bunch of flavor I had to try it, because bison is what Americans should eat. That was a slogan for a bison burger vendor some years back. Pat loved the pizza; thin crust, just the right amount of sauce and plenty of cheese. That is his kind of pie. My bison was a great sandwich. I neglected to ask the server for mid-rare so it came to me more medium. But it was still moist and delicious. The selection of accompaniments helped make it great. Fresh tomato and lettuce, smoky bacon,white cheese and a touch of Dijon mustard all on toasted dark rye bread. That is the thing about sandwiches quality ingredients and proper combinations makes the difference good and great.For all of their sandwiches you get a choice of side. And the list is pretty extensive. I chose oven fried fingerling potatoes.They were on par with the rest of the food. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside; the way I personally like them. So all in all I think this joint is a keeper. You get far North food for less than downtown prices. If you ask me  that is something to think about.

As you probably noticed something is odd about our food pictures. For the appetizer picture we took it prior to digging in. The two others we forgot until we were about halfway through. We will try to do better next time.End of the Line Public House on Urbanspoon