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Taste of Havana 8329 Michigan Road

This place opened in 2013 in Broad Ripple. After a while I guess the parking and the pub crawling clientele got tiresome so they moved to a place with parking. I have been here a few times and really like it. This is Pat’s first time.

I decided on a Picadillo platter. That is a plate of ground beef cooked with olives and raisins served with black beans, rice and a sweet plantain. It is a delicious plate of food however it did not have the amount of olives as I remember. However the beans and rice were as good as I recall.

I really enjoy this place. With the expanded parking hopefully I can get back more often. One quick thought on Pat’s plantain debacle. I think what he had in the past was green plantains or Tostones. What is served here are ripe or sweet plantains. When they are green they have to be beat and cooked twice and turn out like french fries. For dessert I had a cup of Cortadito. That is half milk and half cuban coffee and of course sugar. If you like coffee then you should love their coffee.

I have never had a bad meal here. From their sandwiches in the authentic Cuban bread to their bean soups and sweet pastelitos I really think you will enjoy this little joint.

Mama Irma 1058 Virginia Ave.

Peru has a reputation of being the greatest cauldron of fusion cooking, much more than the rest of Ibero-America. Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese culture all lent a hand with the food of Peru. This place has been around for a while but it took us a while to get to it.

mama irma 11

It is a nice little cafe,seating about 30. The menu is a nice size and appears to represent Peruvian cuisine. However, before I get into the food I must comment on the cook/owner’s attitude about special requests. As most readers know Pat is allergic to onions. When Pat asked our server the best way to avoid onion,we were informed that the cook/owner becomes “offended” when people request changes in her menu. When we asked about the specials the server went back to the kitchen to ask. The cook came out and asked who had the allergy;with an eye roll; and proceeded to suggest the side dishes. She could have offered suggestions,she chose not to.


mama irma 7

mama irma 1

I tried a glass of Chicha Morada for $3.50. That is water steeped with blue corn,pineapple skin and brown sugar. It was pretty tasty,but pricey.

mama irma 10

For my lunch,since I am virtually food allergy free, I ordered Aji De Gallina for $9.25. That is shredded chicken in a creamy walnut parmesan sauce and rice. It was a very good dish. The rice was stand alone good and the chicken and sauce was an added bonus. I would eat that dish again. Just somewhere else.

mama irma 9

So I think the food was nicely prepared. I just think that they should cut out the attitude. You don’t have to cater to every whim of the diners just meet them in the middle.

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Jiallo’s African-Caribbean Cuisine 4202 W. 56th Street


This place is in a strip mall next to 3 in 1 Restaurant we reviewed some weeks back. At that time we put it on our list. I did my due diligence in research, considering Pat’s issues with onion. I told him it was doable. Fortunately he agreed. Let’s have a round of applause for the self-proclaimed “…plain kinda’ guy.” stepping out of his comfort zone and trying something different.



The space is a good size, clean and well-appointed with comfortable and attractive furnishings. If you came to be entertained by the decor or “ambience” then you came to the wrong joint.

Jiallo’s is about food, in an attractive setting, serviced in a gracious manner. Our server was just that; gracious. I neglected to ask her name but when Pat told her about his onion issue she made repeated trips to the kitchen to get all the details. She was very knowledgeable about the menu and more than happy to answer our questions.


They offer 2 different types of rice with their lunch specials. White rice or red beans and rice. The white rice is a small-grained African rice cooked down. Nothing fancy just a nice rice bed. The red beans and rice is a Jasmine rice cooked in red beans liquor with thyme, rosemary, red beans and onion added. So Pat opted for the Jerk Chicken with white rice and plaintains for $8.95.jiallo 004


I wanted to keep it simple so I ordered the Curry Chicken with red bean rice and plantains for $8.95.


Now this dish was crazy. If you see a little “ghost” in the pic that is the steam coming off the dish. I could see it in the view finder. In my dish they used legs. They “Frenched” the bones of the drumsticks. That means they cut away anything on the leg, below the knob of meat. Then they chopped off the bulbous end of the drum sick; in order to expose any marrow to the cooking liquid. In this case a curry sauce. The sauce was not a spectacular curry sauce it was a good curry sauce. Both sweet and slightly spicy with a wondrous aroma. The chicken appeared to have been braised in the sauce,and they were perfectly cooked. Fall off the bone tender with a great flavor. Marry that with the red rice and beans and the sweet plantains and you have a winner. Every time.


On Urban spoon this particular joint has over 200 check ins with a 90% like. The only bad comments has been about the “slowness”. I noticed that on the reviews and our Super Server said the same thing. She is the only server that works there. Lunch and dinner. So…for what it is worth. Folks take a look around any joint you enter. If it is busy and the wait staff seems light. Reevaluate.

Well all I can add is this joint has some good food. I have to go back. They have some stuff I haven’t eaten yet.

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