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Soupremacy 7 East Market Street

soupremacy and olly 005

This is a relatively new place, right off the Circle. Pat and I had planned on going there on the same day we went to the NRA convention; but wimped out due to the weather. Today was such a lovely day and it is so convenient I had to try it solo. There hasn’t been a whole lot written about the joint. Which might be because it’s downtown. It is open for the downtown working crowd. From 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Evidently not convenient for some food Bloggers. Regardless it is a nice looking little place with a clever name.soupremacy and olly 006

soupremacy and olly 007

Frankly I don’t get the library motif or the guitars. The pot I get. The other stuff.. not so much.

soupremacy and olly 008

I would have liked to have gotten a better shot of the menu board but I wanted to stay out-of-the-way of the customers. The first rule of Blogtography is to STAY OUT OF THE WAY. Similar to the Prime Directive in Star Trek. Is it me or does that flower arrangement resemble an angry bird?

soupremacy and olly 009

As the name suggests they sell soup. They also have salads, but their main bag is soups. Eight different each day. All made fresh, in-house and from scratch. They have some house favorites that stay around but their forte is variety. From light and chilled to warm and belly filling they cover all the taste buds. The soups are offered as 8 ounce cups, 12 and 16 ounce bowls or, my favorite, the trio. Three 6 ounce portions of your choice for $6.25. For my “flight” I opted for Tuscan White Bean, Roasted Red Pepper with Curry and Beef & Barley. All the soups come with Amelia’s bread so that is a decided plus.

Tuscan White Bean

Tuscan White Bean

This is a country combination of kale, potatoes and white beans in broth. Normally I would consider this a rustic soup with assertive flavor. This version was more gentile, nearly delicate. No way would I call it bland, that implies a lack of taste. This soup had taste. First sip of the broth allowed the kale flavor to come through, followed by that of the beans. A touch of salt and pepper brought it more in line with my less delicate tastes.

Red Pepper with Curry

Red Pepper with Curry

To me red peppers are the sweetest of all peppers. Utilizing them for a cream sauce is one of the few things I still like about cream sauces. You should be cautious about what to pair them with, otherwise you might get something more dessert than soup. In this case I think curry was a great call. Curry seems to have an affinity for sweet without going crazy. Again this was a nicely made soup and the fresh parsley and sour cream was a nice touch.

Beef with Barley.

Beef with Barley.

Their beef and barley was a nicely constructed soup as well. A light hand was definitely used in all these soups. In seasoning and cutting the meat and veggies. In all cases a little salt and/or pepper was added to bring them more to my tastes. Which is how you want it when your star is the soup pot. You can add salt but you sure can’t take it out. I probably will be seeing more of this place. I like variety. I also like soup.
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Ralston’s Tavern on Mass. Ave.

I checked out the website and menu on this place several weeks ago. It seemed a little pretentious and a lot expensive. As a matter of fact, Pat told me he and Fran stopped in there after a bike run and was turned off by the prices. Now it appears they have streamlined the menu and lowered prices. It is still a swanky joint with a lot of attention paid to fruit reductions and such. It also has a huge draft beer selection and one of the coolest wine systems I have seen. When you walk in, you are greeted by a host at a station made of beer cans.

003To the left of the host station is a large dining room and to the right is the bar and more dining room. The bar has two beautiful draft systems and the aforementioned wine pour station.

007004As I said earlier, the menu appears to been trimmed somewhat, but still leans a little to the trendy and chic. Pat ordered Caesar salad with fried chicken and dressing on the side. It was a normal amount of chopped romaine lettuce with five oddly shaped pieces of chicken. Odd because it looked like index finger sized Lincoln logs. Pat thought the chicken was a little dry. He was not a big fan. It was served with a cute little bowl of flat bread points and Parmesan cheese crisp. The only remark he had to make about the crisp, was that it was more a Parmesan cheese non-crisp. As for the dressing it was house made. Thick, creamy and rich with anchovy and Parmesan cheese.  Now Patrick is not a big fan of anchovy so he was not too thrilled. If you dig anchovy, as I do, you would probably enjoy it a lot. The first two tastes were delicious. Even with the heavy anchovy, you can definitely taste the Parmesan cheese. However, after a couple of bites you can see why it is a dressing not a dip. It needs to be tossed with lettuce. It is still a great Caesar dressing. Pat thought it was satisfactory just not worth $13.

008I was torn between their rather funky selections of flat breads and one of their unique sandwiches. Their house burgers are a mixture of shredded potato and ground beef. Interesting. They also have this one.

Bacon, mixed greens, cucumber, green tomato, red peppers with an apple butter spread on flat bread.

Now that would probably be either fantastic or dreadful. I can’t imagine it would leave an eater with no opinion. I decided on a slow roasted pulled pork with the bourbon glaze on a pretzel bun. The pork is tender and slightly sweet from the bourbon glaze.The glaze worked with the pork, allowing you to better taste it. Not mask it like some sauces do.Their selection of sides is rather unique. I chose couscous salad.

Couscous, avocado, black olives, red and yellow peppers, tossed in olive oil. The veggies were small diced and not really plentiful but it was still a very tasty salad.


It is a swanky joint with swanky food, swanky dishes and a big selection of beer. One last picture of the last thing you’ll probably see,just before you leave.

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