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George’s Neighborhood Grill 6935 Lake Plaza Drive.

Without a doubt this is the best looking place we have been to in a long while. Dark wood tables and a massive oblong bar made it a very inviting space. It was also the largest. A barroom dining area as well as 2 other dining rooms. It was pretty obvious that this joint considers Hospitality a serious business.

The menu was pretty serious as well.

Since Pat had a grilled tenderloin last week he got a breaded one this week for $9.49. A Hoosier can’t get too much pig.

Creamy Portobello Mushroom Soup

Since it was a cold and rainy day I was pretty sure I needed some beef, and they have several options. I decided on the 8 ounce open face steak sandwich for $11.49.

It was a very healthy cut and expertly grilled to Medium Rare. I just love a good piece of char-grilled beef; especially on a cold day in February. It is definitely something I would re-order. I also got a cup of soup, for a $1.50 up charge. It was very warming and a good start for a steak lunch.

I am with Pat about this joint. I would love to have it in my neighborhood. However it isn’t so far away  a return trip is out of the question. A lovely environment with great food and service what more could you want?



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Bbi Cafe & Sandwich Bar 4825 Oakbrook Drive.

This is a charming little place on the North side in the vicinity of 59th and Georgetown road. It has been around for 15 years, the current husband and wife team that own the place bought it in 2012. They serve a basic menu of sandwiches, soups and salads for lunch and the usual eggs, pancakes and biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It’s not sexy or “cutting edge” they just offer good cooking at a reasonable price.

The menu is written on a large chalk board behind the counter where you order. They also offer specials. Their special for Wednesday was a blackened rib eye steak sandwich with grilled onions on a ciabatta style roll, the same as Pat’s cheese burger.

My steak was nicely done. It had a slight heat from the Cajun spices and a creamy chipotle mayo. The tender meat was an excellent foil to the chew of the bread. I would not hesitate ordering it again. As my side I picked a pasta salad. It had a vinaigrette dressing that didn’t overpower any of the other ingredients, but I think I would have liked a bit more of it.

Our total tab was $18.50 so it is reasonably priced and the food is more than reasonably tasty. Actually it is close enough me that I can try their breakfast. I am always on the look out for good biscuits and gravy.

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Mikie’s Pub 5135 S. Emerson.

mikie's pub 015

This place has an interesting back ground. We stopped in there for a beer a few weeks back, and really enjoyed it. The place is huge. A big bar with big beers, a big menu and a big space for live music and a periodic DJ. The kind of joint young folks living in the area would enjoy as a weekend hangout.

When we went there for lunch we learned that it was previously called Rehab. Then a different entity, from a different location bought control and that birthed Mikie’s. So in a way it’s kind of Transformer type  of bar. The menu IS huge. They do a nice job of marrying IQF apps. and house made appetizers. Immediates and cooked to order. They even offer pizza. I appreciate the work it takes to put so many items on a menu and in the inventory. It takes a lot of work. It could give the person responsible for end of month inventory and food costs a big old migraine. Well back to the topic at hand. Lunch.

They offer different lunch and drink specials everyday. Thursday’s specials were a breaded or grilled tenderloin with chips for $5.75, or a 10 oz. rib eye with 2 sides and Texas toast for $9.99.

mikie's pub 018

This is what Pat had. I had a taste of it and it was very tasty. Nice and tender. However it was pretty greasy and it could have been breaded better.

mikie's pub 007

mikie's pub 020

Yep I opted for the steak. Snow, German beer and steak. The trinity of gluttony. I chose atypical sides. Mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. They evidently fired the side dishes in a microwave; aggressively. That might explain the sloppy sides of the cup. As for taste the potatoes and gravy appear to have come from a bag. Not bad, but not slap yourself good. The green beans were typical fare. From a can, cooked long with bacon. That is to say tasty Hoosier fare. The steak was very good. A decent cut cooked perfectly. I enjoyed it immensely.

unctuous bloody goodness.

unctuous bloody goodness.

So the consensus is, this is a pretty nice little place and worth a visit. Good food and good prices. The End.

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