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Chilly Water Brewing

Chilly Water 006

Chilly Water 011

Well I made it back. This is the place I attempted to try Monday; but it wasn’t open. It certainly was worth a second attempt. Skip,the owner, was the Brew Master at Fountain Square Brewery. His Brew Master is his right hand man from Fountain Square. So,needless to say your beer is in good hands with these guys.

Instead of ordering a flight of 4, I decided on a pint of Hefeweizen. Wheat beer seems to be a rarity among local breweries. It is also my current favorite. Their Harmonika is a first class example. If you like wheats I think you will love this.

Afterwards I got a flight. Not your typical order I know; and I think it was detrimental to the proper tasting. The flight is served in ascending order of hops; with the Pilsner first. A craft Pilsner is a delightful brew and yet I found this one to be a bit lacking. I think it was actually the result of having the Harmonika first. That just means I have to go back and have a couple more to make sure. The ales were all well crafted and very drinkable beers.

Now to the food. As you can see they offer a small menu with Panini sandwiches and humus dips and pita.

Chilly Water 010

I always like to try as many different tastes that I can. Which can be hard when you are dining solo. But I persevere. I got an order of Here Comes the Sun humus. Roasted red pepper  with added sun-dried tomatoes. It too was as well made as the beer. Sweet red pepper and chickpeas bolstered with the soft chew of dried tomato strips. Paired nicely with the wheat beer.

Chilly Water 007

At the risk of over doing the sun-dried tomato bit I got the chicken sandwich. I am a sucker for roasted chicken. Especially when you add cheese. The sandwich was really good. Chicken was incredibly tender and the mozzarella cheese was a nice sweet agreement with tomato. Also I think the addition of the feta cheese was good to bring a bite to the party.

Chilly Water 005

So… Needless to say this is a fine addition to the city in general and Fountain Square in particular. Well made beer and well made sandwiches. Also the joint is planning on bringing in live local music. So the summer appears to be shaping up to even more fun.

Chilly Water 003


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Soupremacy 7 East Market Street

soupremacy and olly 005

This is a relatively new place, right off the Circle. Pat and I had planned on going there on the same day we went to the NRA convention; but wimped out due to the weather. Today was such a lovely day and it is so convenient I had to try it solo. There hasn’t been a whole lot written about the joint. Which might be because it’s downtown. It is open for the downtown working crowd. From 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Evidently not convenient for some food Bloggers. Regardless it is a nice looking little place with a clever name.soupremacy and olly 006

soupremacy and olly 007

Frankly I don’t get the library motif or the guitars. The pot I get. The other stuff.. not so much.

soupremacy and olly 008

I would have liked to have gotten a better shot of the menu board but I wanted to stay out-of-the-way of the customers. The first rule of Blogtography is to STAY OUT OF THE WAY. Similar to the Prime Directive in Star Trek. Is it me or does that flower arrangement resemble an angry bird?

soupremacy and olly 009

As the name suggests they sell soup. They also have salads, but their main bag is soups. Eight different each day. All made fresh, in-house and from scratch. They have some house favorites that stay around but their forte is variety. From light and chilled to warm and belly filling they cover all the taste buds. The soups are offered as 8 ounce cups, 12 and 16 ounce bowls or, my favorite, the trio. Three 6 ounce portions of your choice for $6.25. For my “flight” I opted for Tuscan White Bean, Roasted Red Pepper with Curry and Beef & Barley. All the soups come with Amelia’s bread so that is a decided plus.

Tuscan White Bean

Tuscan White Bean

This is a country combination of kale, potatoes and white beans in broth. Normally I would consider this a rustic soup with assertive flavor. This version was more gentile, nearly delicate. No way would I call it bland, that implies a lack of taste. This soup had taste. First sip of the broth allowed the kale flavor to come through, followed by that of the beans. A touch of salt and pepper brought it more in line with my less delicate tastes.

Red Pepper with Curry

Red Pepper with Curry

To me red peppers are the sweetest of all peppers. Utilizing them for a cream sauce is one of the few things I still like about cream sauces. You should be cautious about what to pair them with, otherwise you might get something more dessert than soup. In this case I think curry was a great call. Curry seems to have an affinity for sweet without going crazy. Again this was a nicely made soup and the fresh parsley and sour cream was a nice touch.

Beef with Barley.

Beef with Barley.

Their beef and barley was a nicely constructed soup as well. A light hand was definitely used in all these soups. In seasoning and cutting the meat and veggies. In all cases a little salt and/or pepper was added to bring them more to my tastes. Which is how you want it when your star is the soup pot. You can add salt but you sure can’t take it out. I probably will be seeing more of this place. I like variety. I also like soup.
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Pure Food Eatery ( Revisit )


Pat and his wife, Fran went to Pure Food over the weekend. There he had a Caprese Panini sandwich;and it so impressed him he “craved” more. Their Caprese is fresh mozzarella; roasted red pepper, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette all on cibatta. Now seriously. What is there not to like ? He did add andouille sausage. Which sounded like a great addition. I didn’t taste the sandwich but I did try a piece of sausage. And I was not real  thrilled;neither was Pat. It had little flavor and I thought the texture was a little too coarse. His side choice was green beans and potatoes. He thought it was good, not great ,but good. I went against my first thought and ordered a Roast Beef cibatta. Sliced beef,arugula,red onion and the ever popular lemon basil aioli. Well I hate to say it,but it was a wee bit disappointing. It was well made and it held a copious amount of beef. The trouble was it was Deli style roast beef. Overall it was flat. Average meat, no texture, no crunch, no zest. Maybe thicker onion. Maybe pickle the onions and maybe change the mayo to some sort of mustard. That’s my opinion; something everyone has. I really like this joint. One average taste experience doesn’t make for a bad “review ” Oh I nearly forgot my side. I tried their SOD; creamy potato and leek. And it was top notch.I enjoyed it very much. As for the pictures; again I screwed up. We started eating and then I remembered to take the pictures. Pretty much par;don’t you think?Pure Eatery on Urbanspoon