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Hellas Cafe 8501 Westfield Blvd.

We weren’t sure where we were going to eat this week. I thought of an Asian Grill that was scheduled to open in Broad Ripple. We drove by but they weren’t ready yet so we headed north. When we hit Nora we saw Hellas and decided we needed some Greek food.

I had a desire for Mousaka. A creamy macaroni dish just appealed to me. Their version was very good. The Sauce Bechamel was smooth and creamy and decadently rich. The sides were well executed s well The beans were cooked down Hoosier style and the potatoes were crisp and tender. All in all it was an excellent meal.

Both of our lunches came with salads; which I forgot to take pictures of. They were normal side salads and came with an excellent vinaigrette. Both cost $12.49 so I thought they were reasonable considering what you got. Our server was attentive but the overall service made me nervous. There was one server and one cook and the kitchen was building the salads to order. That really struck me as odd. The cook got behind quickly but she managed it well and never really ended in the weeds. Evidently their customers aren’t in a hurry to get back to work so if you want a warm and leisurely Greek meal consider Nora Plaza and Hellas. I don’t get this way often but if I do I want to try their Dolmades. They build theirs with ground meat which is my preference.

Santorini Greek Kitchen 1417 Prospect Street

santorini 016

Well this week we had a taste for Greek food. Pat thought that Santorini would be the right spot. Now what says Greek more than an appetizer of flaming cheese. Saganaki for $8.

santorini 017

I thought their particular version was particularly tasty with several pieces of pita bread to go with it. On most of their dishes you have an option to substitute soup for salad for an extra buck. Something we both did. Pat for a garlic mushroom and me with Avgolememo (egg lemon soup).

santorini 020

santorini 033

santorini 027

Pat’s chicken finger sandwich was $9. I think all of their sandwiches are $9 with a side choice. Salad, rice, potatoes or green beans.

I ordered their special. Kreatopita or meat pie. It is a seasoned mixture of ground beef and lamb wrapped in a casing of phyllo dough. I didn’t realize that it was a platter,which means it is served with all the sides. In other words a bunch of food for $12.50. The soup I subbed for salad was excellent.

santorini 023

The broth was as good a chicken stock as any I have had, and the rich egg and lemon hanging out with the pasta made it much more than an ordinary chicken soup.

santorini 025

Each part of my meal was top-notch. I especially liked the main star; the Kreatopita. It was a savory treat wrapped in a crisp phyllo crust. The great thing about phyllo is that; when done properly; the crispness is multi layered. This was done properly.

santorini 024

Although I had to take half of my lunch home I still had to have some Baklava.

santorini 028

santorini 029

Their Baklava was delicious as everything else. They have a full bar and offered a few local brews on draft for $6.50. Downtown prices. I thought they used to offer carafes and half carafes of wine. Evidently I was mistaken. I know there are several Greek Restaurants in Indianapolis. I think that you may want to give this one a try the next time you want to get your Greek on.

santorini 015


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