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Turn 3 Chicken and Waffle @ Flat 12 Bierwerks 414 Dorman Street

Flat 12 is the brewery that housed Hoagies and Hops. It was independent from the brewery. As I understand Turn 3 is an adjunct to the brewery. They have only been open for about one month and they are taking it slow with 4 items only. Curiously all of their food is breakfast oriented.

The only thing I really wanted to try was the dish the joint was named after, and I was dubious of that. I couldn’t develop much enthusiasm for a “battered” chicken breast. As it turns out the chicken was coated with a “waffle breading” and I was more than happy with the results.

The chicken breast was beautifully crisp, plump and moist and the waffle was as good as any I have had. They only have Sriracha in-house. That is an excellent hot sauce I am just accustomed to a more Louisiana type sauce with its vinegar tang. They serve 2 solos of syrup but ask for their Sriracha and honey blend they are experimenting with. It works really well.

So I went in skeptical but left a believer. Looking forward to seeing this joint grow. They have exciting times ahead.

One last thing about their waffles. They use Flat 12 Cream Ale to mix the batter. Batter Up.

Downtown Ollys 822 N. Illinois

Well here we are at Christmas Week already. Since Pat and I both have other stuff to do we realized that Monday would be the only day we could get together to break bread before the Holiday. We further decided that breakfast would fit our schedules much better than lunch. And no joint says breakfast to us like Ollys. During the week they offer a special of 2 eggs, your choice, with bacon or sausage and toast for $2.99. Pat and I have both taken advantage of the special on many occasions. Pat with his wife,Fran, while bike riding. Me after “working” out at the gym. In addition we stop in after lunch for adult beverages when we dine in the area. It was one of those times;last week;we discovered they had changed their menu. So it was due for a re-visit anyway.

Pat won’t have his usual epic note this week since he forgot his pad. Being the Holidays I made an Administrative decision and gave him a pass. Anyone reading this blog regularly knows Pat’s eating habits. He likes his food simple. For his breakfast he ordered a special and a half order of biscuits and gravy. His standard breakfast special is scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and dry wheat toast.

Ollys 011

Another thing about Pat and his food when he is hungry he doesn’t mess around. He started eating while I was still picking up my phone.

Ollys 012

For me I ordered a full biscuits and gravy with 2 over easy eggs perched on top.

Ollys 010

I believe they serve the largest biscuits and gravy in town. For the half order they use 3 biscuit halves and on the full order 5. The amount of gravy they pour over is almost excessive. It is definitely some of the best if not the best in town.

Ollys 015

I also got a side of bacon. I went ahead and got mine crisp like Pat;normally I don’t care. One comment on the bacon. I nearly always order bacon because they always do a fantastic job with it. It is consistently well done;as in properly cooked not over cooked. I think the prices are just as nice as their food. A half order of biscuits and gravy is $4.50 and a full is $5.95. A side of 4 slices of bacon is $2.50,I think. I know ala carte eggs are $1.50 each. So I feel that for the quality and amount served this joint is a great place to try for breakfast or lunch. Keep in mind they are open 24/7 serving food. So Pat and I liked this place last year and we like it even more now.

Ollys 013

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I Found My Thrill…..

What do Richie Cunningham, Fats Domino,and diners have in common? Give up? Well, it’s Blueberry Hill Pancake House on E. Washington St. you get it , don’t you? That classic Fats Domino tune that Richie from Happy Days was always singing and…… never mind.It’s located at Franklin Road and Washington street in a freestanding building that formerly housed a Perkins pancake house., Their menu is colossal; offering specialty pancakes, Belgian waffles, Freedom toast as well, as every lunch or dinner item you could possibly expect at a good diner.In a lot of ways it reminds me of Flap Jacks on South Madison Avenue; in that they are owned and operated by  Greek families and they offer big portions, good prices, and unapologetic patriotism.Pat and I both decided we could use breakfast at lunch time.I ordered two eggs over easy, corned beef hash, grits in place of potatoes and substituted pancakes for toast all for $8. Pat made potato pancakes the center of his lunch and added bacon, one scrambled egg and one piece of whole wheat toast for the supporting cast and at a cost of under $6.That may sound like a lot of food, probably because it is. When our server brought out all the plates they covered the entire end of the table.My corned beef  hash was excellent, crispy, crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside just the way it should be.And it was great mixed in with the yolk of my eggs.The grits were served in a soup bowl and tasted just like the first time I had them as a teenager in Alabama.In place of the toast I got 2 huge fluffy pancakes that Pat was more than willing to help me with.As far as the potato pancakes were concerned I guess they were okay, I never got a chance to taste them.I do recall him mumbling something about how tasty they were.As for the rest of his food I guess it was okay,the bacon was thick, lean and crisp and since he ordered his one egg scrambled hard,how can you tell if it was messed up.We probably should go back again to try one of their skillets,or a sandwich or a dinner entrée or maybe a fruit filled crepe.Oh, when you go there look for a sign showing the stuff they offer that is not on the menu.Jim,the friend that suggested this place says that is where he discovered their filet skillet,slices of steak sautéed with peppers and onions.That is what he gets every time he goes.Also if you can do it save room for dessert,they have A LOT of home-made pies and cakes for $2.50.Those you can’t miss.They are in the display counter at the cashier station.Sly little devils.Blueberry Hill Pancake House on Urbanspoon