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Mama Irma 1058 Virginia Ave.

Peru has a reputation of being the greatest cauldron of fusion cooking, much more than the rest of Ibero-America. Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese culture all lent a hand with the food of Peru. This place has been around for a while but it took us a while to get to it.

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It is a nice little cafe,seating about 30. The menu is a nice size and appears to represent Peruvian cuisine. However, before I get into the food I must comment on the cook/owner’s attitude about special requests. As most readers know Pat is allergic to onions. When Pat asked our server the best way to avoid onion,we were informed that the cook/owner becomes “offended” when people request changes in her menu. When we asked about the specials the server went back to the kitchen to ask. The cook came out and asked who had the allergy;with an eye roll; and proceeded to suggest the side dishes. She could have offered suggestions,she chose not to.


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I tried a glass of Chicha Morada for $3.50. That is water steeped with blue corn,pineapple skin and brown sugar. It was pretty tasty,but pricey.

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For my lunch,since I am virtually food allergy free, I ordered Aji De Gallina for $9.25. That is shredded chicken in a creamy walnut parmesan sauce and rice. It was a very good dish. The rice was stand alone good and the chicken and sauce was an added bonus. I would eat that dish again. Just somewhere else.

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So I think the food was nicely prepared. I just think that they should cut out the attitude. You don’t have to cater to every whim of the diners just meet them in the middle.

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