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Garden Table 908 E. Westfield Blvd.

I am not sure when Garden Table opened, there hasn’t been as much hoopla generated about it as other places. It operates as a local sourced eatery that is vegan friendly. But it is also carnivore friendly in that they offer Smoking Goose bacon. I have heard very little about it. It is across the street from 317 Burger, the place we went to a couple of weeks ago. It is a small space decorated in what I would call industrial or urban chic. Exposed duct work, chalk menus on the walls and utilitarian furniture. I though it was cute. It was crowded so I wasn’t able to take all the pictures I wanted to.

Garden Table 006

In addition to the beer and wine they also offer in-house prepared juices. I haven’t really done much research on the topic so I don’t know if the claims about them are hype or are based on reality. I probably should do my homework on the topic. The descriptions they give make them sound great.

They have a few set sandwiches and salads on their menu all in the $10 range. With the sandwich you get a choice of greens or fruit. Pat opted for a BLT Smash. That is a BLT with avocado for $10.

Garden Table 003

Garden table 008

Garden Table 005

I ordered a BMT. That is basil, mozzarella and tomato on toasted bread, served open face with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette. The base price is $9. I added Smoking Goose bacon for a $3 upcharge. I decided on house greens as my side.

Garden Table 001

I thought the sandwich was nicely done. It was basically a hot Caprese on a toasted French loaf. Oh yeah it had bacon. Perfectly cooked and crisp bacon. The salad worked well with the sandwich. The different flavors of the various greens punctuated the basil and played well with the sweetness of the Basalmic and tomato. I could eat it again. I think the fruit would have worked as well. It just would have accentuated the sweet components more.

Garden Table 002

So this joint is definitely worth consideration for lunch or breakfast. They do offer breakfast as well. And don’t forget the juice.

After eating we went across the street to 317 for a beverage. There I discovered some stiff competition to Tick Tock Lounge for Bloody Mary domination.

Garden Table 007

It wasn’t as decked out as Tick Tock’s but I think it was tastier, and it was only $6. When it is run as a special they offer them for 5 bucks. You also get a choice of vodka. Absolut, Tito or Absolut Peppar.

So I must say all in all it was a most satisfying lunch outing.

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