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Friend’s Diner 989 US 31 Whiteland Indiana

I know I am always complaining about the dearth of meat and threes around here. Well we found one. Shame you have to drive to Whiteland to visit. Actually it is a meat and three for dinner and a meat and two for lunch. In either event it is definitely a place to consider. Drive and all.

I am not sure how long they have been open. Pat came across it more by accident than intent. They do not have much of an electronic presence so don’t look for a menu. However I believe they have a new menu so that may change.

All of their dinners are mostly $9.99 and come with 3 side dishes. The luncheon plates are $6.99 and $7.99 with a choice of 2 sides. They offer a nice variety of sides even including asparagus.

I agree with Pat about the trout. It is not the usual fish you find on a restaurant menu around here. I was impressed with Pat’s plate. The broccoli appeared to be fresh and I tasted Pat’s fish and I found it to be outstanding.

I opted for a more traditional comfort meal. Chicken and dumplings with mashed and coleslaw. The chicken and dumplings were good. They just weren’t made the way I prefer. I like my dumplings to be fluffy pillows. These were rolled and cut. They were good dumplings just not what my mouth was “set for”. It is like biscuits. Rolled and cut or dropped. Both good it is just what you may prefer.

Regardless of the style of dumpling this was an excellent lunch, and for $6.99 I don’t think you could find a better bargain. This joint is farther from me than Pat but I can see myself driving just to try their breakfast. If a place can do a lunch like this I am always curious about their breakfast service. Especially the biscuits and gravy.

This is one of the biscuits we received for lunch. It is of the dropped variety. It was pretty darn good. Now I want a couple of those smothered with sausage gravy; maybe with a side of crisp bacon. Well that will be for another day.

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Pat and I didn’t go to lunch this week. Our designated day is Wednesday and he threw me over for a project he had to do for his wife. I thought of going solo but I became engrossed with my own project. I bought some bundled computer courses that will teach me something about web development and coding. I am still waiting for the web developers I have contacted to get back to me about the restaurant site I mentioned the last week. The odds of me learning enough to do it alone; before I fade to a constant state of forgetfulness is remote. Never the less the more I learn the better I will feel. That being said; here begins my 10,000 words.

Wednesday evening Ivy Tech Culinary School presented a wine and food pairing. It was a success. Here are the wines we sampled.

Courses 003

They served up 3 food items for the whites.

Courses 013

Courses 014

This is the back side of the same plate shown before.

I had a really good time. Mostly because I was seated with 3 very charming ladies that made the event all the more festive. We chatted about the wines, restaurants and food. We even compared a few notes on the proper preparation of greens. As a matter of fact we have a date for lunch at Courses next Wednesday.

The following picture is of the food paired with the reds.

Courses 015

I don’t plan on naming each individual dish. Suffice to say it featured, fish,beef, fruit,bread, veggies and some cheese.

Today I went to Courses for lunch. I made a reservation Monday when I learned the menu. Since they try to keep things fresh they decide on the items they will be serving at nearly the last-minute.

Courses 002

Courses 001

For my first course I chose sautéed trout with “fatty liver”, whipped potatoes and a quail egg.

Courses 022

My entre was a smoked lamb chop. Again with potatoes and veggies.

Courses 024

I found myself in a minor quandary, the same as last week regarding the duck. Instead of rare chops mine were medium. In no way was that a disaster it was merely confusion on my part. I asked the hostess,an upperclassman if they discounted two culinary norms or if it was a “goof”. She went back to the Chef and asked. I was informed that they try to put out duck and lamb as mid-rare,but when dealing with students sometimes stuff happens. That made me feel better. I thought maybe someone had changed some of the “rules”.

For dessert I had espresso bean po o creme, with sweet companions.

Courses 026

The wine was something I added on. It was a glass of their Barons De Rothschild Haut Medoc 2010. It meshed really well with every facet of the dessert. So for my last 1000 words here is a shot of my Japanese Cherry Blossom tea.  That started my lunch so it seem fitting the cherries were part of the dessert. The cherries in the glass and the wee little cherry in the cake.

Courses 019

Public Greens 900 E. 64 th Street

local greens 002This is another Patachou Inc. project. This new space is unlike any of their other locations. The others focus on cooked to order meals and full service. This Urban Kitchen and Grill is more cafeteria than restaurant.

local greens 006

local greens 007

They have a menu on the wall as you walk in. I couldn’t get a good picture of it so I stuck a link to it here. As you can see they offer several different vegetable medley and they decrease in price the more you order. They also have the usual proteins and some not so usual for $6 to $8. Everything is alla carte’. You decide what you want to eat, tell the nice young lady with the tablet, the tablet transmits the order to the kitchen, you walk down the aisle,pay the man and get your food. Not unlike Micky D’s. Now that remark is in no way meant to be snide or mean. Regardless of the food McDonald’s business has been pretty successful.

local greens 005

This is on the wall directly opposite the front door. A very laudable goal. For that reason people should be hoping for their success. Goals aside this is a business. In order to do their acts of charity they must sell food. So will this newest venture follow with the success the others have shown? This particular joint has been opened less than 2 weeks and when we visited the place was full. So it seems like it has a good start. But the food will keep it that way.

They change their soup daily. This particular day the offering was a vegan carrot topped with pine nuts. It didn’t trip my trigger.

local greens 009

The red smear is hot sauce Pat got for the chicken. All of the condiments are at one central location opposite the kitchen.

public green 002

local greens 009

Pat’s chicken was over done in my estimation. I tasted a piece and it had a heavy breading making it difficult to taste the meat. The carrot soup was pretty tasty, also pretty thick. To me I don’t think I would pay 6 bucks for that particular soup.

local greens 012

I ordered an Israeli cous cous combo with sun-dried tomato, red onion, oregano and feta cheese with olive oil and lemon juice. The portion was abundant and the flavors melded well together. The amount of red onion etc may have been sparse but I would definitely eat it again. I paired that with trout. A big piece of trout. It was very tasty,possibly a tiny bit under done, but a nice job over all. The two together made for an excellent lunch. And I think $14 was a fair price.

All in all we had a nice lunch. There are some things that may or may not pose trouble down the line. Payment for one. From what I saw, considering the crowd, things went smoothly. After lunch I went back to get a couple of cookies. They were brought up quickly, yet I had to wait behind two ladies who were splitting a trout with kale salad. I could see my cookies. Languishing by the register. Mocking me. Well maybe it won’t be a problem. Maybe I just need to remind my self to be patient. But seriously the space is on the small side and it wouldn’t take much to get the diners stacking up like planes at O’Hare. Just another incentive for everyone to bring their ‘A’ game, every day.

local greens 013

Here are our cookies. Oatmeal lace and chocolate chip. Six dollars of cookie. Worth it? They were well made. As you would expect from a Patachou Production, but Pat and I both lean more toward a softer cookie. All of their sweets are on display in the kitchen area behind the glass partition that separates the production area from the public. Which leads to another area I am curious about.

All of the veggie and grain combos are ready-made and setting on a heat rail. The proteins are not cooked to order per se they are cooked en masse. A cook prepares several at one time and stores them on the heated platform. Small amounts ;sell quick; no problem. Actually my main thought is the fish. Regardless of the type of fish they have delicate flesh. Anything continues cooking after it is pulled from the fire. Put it on a warming apparatus and it will just cook more. With fish that can be a calamity. So time will tell

Back to my original purpose. The joint is very good. It fills a much-needed niche in Indy, in my estimation. A place that offers some seriously thoughtful grub in a very casual atmosphere. They are also heavy on local sourcing and their cause is just. It can be cramped, it can be noisy but it’s cramped because people want to eat well and it’s noisy because people are talking to one another. Live in person. So next time you are north of the Canal I recommend it.

I took some pictures of the back side, facing the trail but they didn’t turn out. Hey they have a fire thing out side. A long box with a gas line covered in lava rock. Not sure what they are called but it is both warming and cool.

local greens 003

local greens 004

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